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Grand Rapids Attorneys For Your Serious On-The-Job Injury

A burn injury in an explosion at a manufacturing plant. A fall from a high surface at a construction site. An amputation was caused by a defective power tool at a factory.

The scenarios described above are examples of workplace accidents that typically make injured employees immediately eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Accidents such as these may also fuel personal injury lawsuits against liable third parties. Often, however, workers who have been injured have to fight to get the compensation due to them.

Has your employer asserted that you were injured while off the clock, so you are not eligible for workers’ compensation? Or has your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer insisted that you return to work before you feel physically ready to do so after an accident? Are you struggling to get approval to see the doctor you feel most comfortable with?

No matter what issue brought you to this web page, we have valuable insights to offer, beginning with a free initial consultation. Reach out to Brandon Gardner & Associates to arrange a discussion with a workers’ compensation lawyer about your workplace injury case.

Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Liability Claims

The workers’ compensation system is designed to protect both employers and employees when injuries happen on the job. After an accidental injury at your workplace, workers’ compensation benefits will become available to you through a claim, not a lawsuit. Assuming your claim is approved, your benefits may include one or more of the following, depending on the severity:

  • Medical treatments for a lifetime (although you may be offered a lump-sum payment at some point in exchange for your relinquishment of further payments)
  • Wage loss benefits, which may be temporary or permanent, depending on your condition

Injured workers often believe they will automatically receive all the financial assistance that they need by reporting their accidents to their human resources (HR) departments. Unfortunately, many discover that they face uphill climbs when it comes to getting the resources they need and deserve. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, we evaluate and investigate complex and difficult workers’ compensation cases, including disputes with an employer or their workers’ compensation insurer.

We also investigate workplace injury cases to determine whether third parties, such as delivery service providers or contractors, caused our clients’ accidents. For meritorious cases, we develop and file third-party liability claims as personal injury lawsuits.

Get Advice About Your Workers’ Comp Case

If we represent you after you have been injured on the job, we will explore all avenues of compensation for you. We are experienced trial lawyers with a focus on complex and challenging workplace injury claims. We are ready to step in when you face a dispute with your employer or their insurer. You do not have to struggle on your own to recover from severe or catastrophic injuries.

Reach us by email or call 616-366-9045 to schedule a free consultation.