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Creating Strong Defense Cases For Those Accused Of Assault

Assault is rarely a straightforward charge. When interpersonal relationships become violent, the story is often complex and two-sided. An experienced attorney can confront the court with the truth and help you minimize the consequences. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, we are highly focused defense attorneys with years of experience.

Our legal team has the skill and knowledge to help you establish your defense and obtain the best possible outcome. Get a defense you can rely upon. Call Brandon Gardner & Associates today at 616-717-5656.

The Prosecution Bears The Burden Of Proof

Whenever the prosecution brings a charge before the court, they are responsible for proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense does not have to prove anything. A skilled defense attorney will be able to show every bit of doubt in the prosecution’s case and leverage their weaknesses on your behalf. At our firm, we achieve this goal by:

  • Explaining the law and its requirements clearly and in a way the average person can understand
  • Being clear about what evidence is and is not reliable
  • Identifying the ways in which the prosecution violated civil rights, if and when appropriate
  • Pointing out the ways in which the prosecution’s story does not fit with the law

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, our firm is equipped to help you develop a quality defense and explore options apart from incarceration. We are also experienced with domestic assault and complicating factors like firearms.

Schedule A Consultation As Soon As Possible

When accused of a crime, time is of the utmost importance. The sooner you call for an attorney, the sooner you can protect your rights. Reach our legal team by completing our online intake form or by calling us at 616-717-5656.

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