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Put The Past Behind You With The Help Of An Expungement Lawyer In Grand Rapids

Getting convicted in juvenile court should not ruin the rest of your life. In January 2013, a Michigan law was passed that allows certain juvenile offenses to be set aside – or expunged. When a conviction is set aside, the juvenile record will not be available to the public and the person does not need to disclose the conviction to potential employers and academic institutions.

If you or your child is interested in getting a juvenile adjudication expunged or set aside in Michigan, let the team at Brandon Gardner & Associates get your life back on track. We can examine your case, determine your available legal options, and help you get the fresh start you need to take back control of your life.

Do not hesitate to contact our Grand Rapids juvenile expungement attorney today at 616-366-9045 for a free initial consultation.

Eligibility And Benefits Of Expungement After A Juvenile Adjudication

When a minor is convicted of a criminal offense, it is known as “juvenile adjudication.” The term for setting aside an adjudication is expungement. This legal process can clear a juvenile public record, which can restore a convicted offender’s ability to:

  • Get jobs
  • Get professional licenses
  • Enroll in college
  • Get federal student aid
  • Live a normal life

Expungements are a legal process that can set aside an adjudication so that young people with criminal records can have their records cleared or sealed. In this way, a young offender can have a fresh start through the removal of their criminal record from public view, as if the offense never occurred.

The Process Of Expungement For Juveniles And Adults

You can apply to have adjudication set aside after one year has passed since you were given a disposition or released from detention, or when you become 18 years old, whichever is later. While you could apply to have up to three adjudications set aside, only one of those adjudications can be a felony if an adult has committed the offense. (Keep in mind, adjudications for more than one crime that occurred within 12 hours and demonstrates a single goal or intent is considered one offense.)

The following are the types of crimes that are not eligible for expungement:

  • A traffic offense, including DUI
  • An assault-related offense
  • An offense involving the possession or use of a firearm or weapon
  • An offense punishable by at least 10 years in prison

The process of getting an adjudication set aside may take several months prior to your day in court. To ensure you comply with all the mandatory requirements, you need to hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the complexities of the legal process.

Schedule A Free Consultation About Juvenile Offenses, Adjudication And Record Expungement

Our firm provides effective and personalized legal representation to juveniles and adults who are eligible to put the past behind them for good. Do not let a past mistake ruin the rest of your life and let us help you immediately.

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