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Our Firm Has Passionate Counsel Ready For You

Brandon Gardner founded our firm because Michigan residents deserve a quality criminal defense. For him, this is more than a legal obligation; it is a guiding principle. Our firm’s mission is to protect your legal rights when the criminal justice system does not have your best interests in mind. With our experience and exceptional legal qualifications, our firm is ready to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, you get more than your typical criminal defense services. Brandon Gardner is a leading drug law attorney in Michigan. Learn more about him and our legal team below:


Work With A Leading Marijuana Law Attorney

Our firm has a valuable resource that other firms do not– extensive knowledge of marijuana laws. Our team regularly works with the State Bar of Michigan on marijuana laws and policy. Founding attorney, Brandon Gardner is also an active member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Because of our intimate knowledge of the law and its changes, we are equipped to help you:

  • Understand marijuana laws, including medical marijuana regulations and criminal marijuana charges
  • Begin the process for establishing a marijuana dispensary, including exploring licensing regulations
  • Defend yourself against criminal charges, including possession, intent to sell and trafficking

Our reputation for marijuana law proficiency is an invaluable resource. Ask our attorneys how we can help you.

Get the personalized and passionate legal services you need.

You can reach our firm to schedule your appointment by calling us at 616-717-5656 or by email. Contact the firm today.

Cannabis Business Academy

Are you interested in joining the rapidly expanding cannabis industry? The law is complicated, but you can succeed. Learn about the industry, and how to successfully begin your cannabis business here in Michigan.  Attend a seminar with Brandon Gardner in Grand Rapids.