Case Results

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  • Given a Fine Public Exposure
    Client exposed himself at a public park.
  • Case Dismissed Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Client charged after pills were found on his person following an auto accident. Case dismissed at preliminary examination stage based upon testing irregularities.

  • Case Dismissed Carrying a Concealed Weapon
    Client charged with CCW for two pistols found in his car. Case was dismissed at the preliminary exam stage.
  • Personal Protection Order Set Aside Profanity
    Client sent numerous vulgar, profane communications over a period of months leading to a personal protection order against the client. 
  • Case Dismissed Sexual Assault of Underage Person
    Several (separate) juvenile clients charged with sexual assault of an underage person, all have been dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed DUI Accident
    Client (a minor) rear-ended a vehicle after consuming alcohol.
  • Case Dismissed Possession of Drugs
    Approximately 100 possession of drug cases dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Possession of Meth

    Client charged with possession of meth as a habitual 4th offender. Case dismissed at a preliminary examination conference.

  • Bench Warrant Rescinded Bench Warrant Issued

    Client tens of thousands of dollars in arrears for child support and a bench warrant issued. Bench warrant rescinded and Friend of the Court enforcement action suspended.

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