Case Results

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, we have a track record of results. Read below to see how we have helped obtain favorable outcomes for past clients. If you need legal representation for a criminal or family law matter, call us at (616) 303-7444 or contact us online.

  • Bench Warrant Rescinded
    Bench Warrant Issued

    Client tens of thousands of dollars in arrears for child support and a bench warrant issued. Bench warrant rescinded and Friend of the Court enforcement action suspended.

  • Case Dismissed
    Carrying a Concealed Weapon
    Client charged with CCW for two pistols found in his car. Case was dismissed at the preliminary exam stage.
  • Case Resolved
    Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Operating while Intoxicated

    Client was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and a pistol was found in his car. Case resolved with no felony conviction and no jail time.

  • Case Resolved
    Criminal Sexual Conduct
    : Client charged with CSC involving three minors. Case was resolved with no jail time and no public SORA registration.
  • Misdemeanor Assault & Given a Fine
    Client charged with DUI, malicious destruction of property, assault, and battery, leaving the scene of an accident, and resisting/obstructing a police officer. 
  • Plea Deal

    Client (under 21) observed sleeping in his car at a drive-through window with other minors in the vehicle. Two open bottled of liquor found inside the vehicle. Client admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana prior to operating the vehicle. Client plead down to impaired driving.