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Facing Child Protective Services In Michigan

Damage to your reputation and reports to Child Protective Services (CPS) in Michigan may come from your ex-partner, a neighbor, a teacher or a health care provider. The accuser may claim to have seen bruises or heard your children crying. Or, for their purposes, they may have fabricated unfounded stories depicting you as a perpetrator of abuse and neglect. The next step may be an investigation by CPS, followed by the seizure of your children by government authorities.

If I defend you in a CPS case, I will thoroughly educate you on the process of CPS investigations over alleged child abuse and neglect. I have had many successes in such cases, helping parents to:

  • Address inquiries that are part of the CPS investigations
  • Gather evidence to refute allegations of child abuse or neglect
  • Take remedial actions when necessary to demonstrate full cooperation with authorities while retaining custody of one’s children

Parents in Kent County and in nearby areas who are facing investigations, threats, or seizures of their children by CPS have access to a skillful family law advocate at Brandon Gardner & Associates. Do not despair over rumors or contact by CPS. Instead, contact my law firm as soon as you have a hint of a threat or if your children have already been taken from you.

Parental Rights Versus Child Protection

There are few circumstances in life as distressing as potentially losing custody and even parental rights of one’s children involuntarily. We, as a species, are hard-wired to nurture and protect our young. For most people, this is one of the deepest instincts that they have.

Another strong motivator of people everywhere is to protect children who are in danger, even other people’s children. While we know we cannot “save the world” from all the painful situations that threaten children’s well-being, we as a society have established legal standards to rescue children from trouble, even when the trouble comes from their own parents.

This dichotomy hits parents hard when they are accused of abusing or neglecting their children. In Michigan, Children’s Protective Services (CPS) investigates reported cases of child abuse or neglect. Through a series of events, sometimes out of a parent’s control, they may face the terrifying prospect of losing their children. I work to preserve family unification whenever possible.

Accused Of Neglecting Your Child? I Will Stand Up For Your Parental Rights.

Has someone said or implied that you are neglecting your child? Do not delay calling me even if you believe the rumor will not become serious.

To schedule a free consultation, call 616-366-9045 or send an email message.