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Our Attorneys Adeptly Handle High Net Worth Divorces

Are you a high-earning spouse preparing for divorce or a spouse of a high-earner? Has either of you or have both of you accumulated significant assets before and during your marriage? Are you concerned about how to ensure that property division is fair in your Michigan divorce?

No matter which side of the fence you are on, you owe it to yourself to find out how to help yourself protect your financial future after your high net worth divorce.

A high net worth divorce is one in which spouses with significant financial assets and wealth go through the legal processes of ending their marriages and dividing marital property. Their high net worth can include properties, businesses, investments and other valuable assets.

At Brandon Gardner & Associates in Grand Rapids, we have ample experience and a solid reputation as attorneys for high net worth divorce cases.

Protect Your Property Rights And Resolve Your Case Cost-Effectively

As you proceed through the property division phase of your high net worth lawyer, it pays to have an attorney on your side who will leave no stone unturned while reviewing the marital assets subject to division. A high net worth divorce often includes valuable assets, such as:

  • The marital home, which may have appreciated in value considerably since its acquisition
  • Multiple real estate holdings, possibly including some in other countries
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Vehicles with extraordinary value
  • Art and jewelry collections
  • Specialty collections, such as comic book and wine collections

The complexity of dividing marital assets and determining spousal support can make high net worth divorces intricate. The process typically requires the assistance of financial experts and highly knowledgeable legal counsel. That is what we provide for clients of Brandon Gardner & Associates. Our experience is extensive and our reputation is solid in the western Michigan area suburbs and beyond.

Our Michigan Divorce Lawyers Offer Free Consultations Even When Marital Estates Are Large

Let’s discuss your high net worth divorce and how our attorneys can protect your property rights as well as help you resolve high-stakes child support and custody issues. Negotiations, mediation or a trial may be necessary to ensure that your share of the assets in your marriage is on the table and your portion is secured in the final divorce decree. We are ready to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Talk over property division and your rights. Call 616-366-9045 or send an email inquiry to schedule an initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys. We have insights to share about your high net worth Michigan divorce.