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Resolve Child Support Challenges With A Domestic Law Attorney’s Guidance

The law expects parents to support their children financially and in other ways, regardless of where the children live. A child custody and parenting time order should delineate when children will spend nights with each parent. The formula may change over the years, either through provisions of an initial child custody order or through a modification of a custody order. Since the amount of time spent with each parent figures into child support calculations, it is important to consider both types at the beginning as well as over the years.

For support and guidance during child support calculations in Michigan, contact my firm, Brandon Gardner & Associates in Grand Rapids, for family law services. If I represent you, I will strive to ensure that you understand what is at stake and how you can influence the outcome with my help.

Contact A Child Support Lawyer For Your Future Financial Health

As a parent paying or receiving child support, you have much to gain or lose from the results of your case. In child support calculations, as in other areas of family law, I want to make sure that your rights and future well-being are fortified. If you are financially stable, you will be better able to care for your children without stress that you don’t deserve to bear.

I will walk you through Michigan’s child support calculator, which takes into account the following:

  • Your income and that of the other parent
  • The number of qualifying children you will be supporting
  • The number of nights of parenting time that you expect to have or already have
  • What you pay or expect to pay for medical care, dental care and child care for your children

From my family law office in Grand Rapids, I serve clients in Kent County and throughout West Michigan. I am a certified domestic mediator and use my mediation skills to help ensure that clients and their children have a strong chance of getting the right results without costly litigation.

For many parents who are approaching a separation or divorce, child custody and support can be frightening prospects. It goes against the grain for many people to think of fighting over these issues with their child’s other parent. I aim to keep the stress and anxiety at a minimum while keeping my clients informed about how the law is designed to protect their children. I believe I deliver value to my clients who will live with the results of their child support orders for a very long time in most cases.

Get In Touch With A Grand Rapids Child Support Attorney

When parents are divorced or separated, the state of Michigan expects both to continue to provide for a child’s needs of food, clothing, shelter, education, health care and more. Child support orders spell out the contributions that one parent usually makes to the other to balance out the family’s resources with the child’s needs in mind.

Two households are rarely as prosperous as one united family in which to raise a child. However, that is not a good reason to deny your child a firm foundation and a financially healthy environment in which to grow up. Discuss the legal processes that will determine how much child support you pay or receive when separated from your child’s other parent. Call my firm, Brandon Gardner & Associates, at 616-366-9045 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free consultation.