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Grand Rapids Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Can An Officer Arrest My Child In Michigan?

In Michigan, a minor under 17 years of age accused of a crime will be processed through the juvenile justice system. If an officer has probable cause to believe your child has committed an offense or observed them engaging in unlawful behavior, they can take them into custody and either directly to a family court or the police station for processing. They must try to contact you immediately after the arrest to inform you of the situation.

After their arrest, your child may either be released into your custody or held in a facility until they are scheduled to appear in court. A preliminary hearing must be held within 24 hours of your child being taken into custody.

Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience. This is especially true when the one accused of the offense is your child. You’ll likely have many questions about the process, the possible outcomes, and what this means for your child’s future. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, we encourage you to ask questions, and we will be by your side throughout the juvenile justice process, providing thorough answers and skilled legal guidance. When you hire us for your child’s case, your goals and needs become our top priority. We are a small firm, which allows us to provide focused and dedicated attention from the start of your child’s case until its conclusion.

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Most Common Types Of Juvenile Crimes

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, we have experience handling all types of juvenile crime cases throughout Grand Rapids. Here are some of the most common juvenile cases we see:

The Purpose Of A Preliminary Hearing In Juvenile Court

The preliminary hearing is the initial court proceeding for your child’s case. During the process, a judge will review the facts and decide how to proceed.

Potential outcomes of a preliminary hearing include:

  • Dismissing the case
  • Referring the juvenile to counseling
  • Putting the case on the consent calendar, an informal court process
  • Putting the case on the formal calendar, a formal court process similar to adult trials

What If My Child’s Case Is Placed On The Formal Calendar?

If formal charges are filed against your child, they will be scheduled for a court proceeding, where they admit to or deny charges. Just as in adult cases, your child has rights. They can remain silent, have an attorney on their side, and confront their accuser or witnesses.

A judge will hear your child’s case and decide whether or not they are responsible for the alleged offense. If they are found responsible (similar to being found guilty), they will enter the disposition stage, during which the judge decides which sanctions to impose.

Possible punishments for a juvenile crime include:

  • Probation
  • Counseling
  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Sentence to a juvenile facility

When a child is accused of an offense, many parents feel frightened, helpless and overwhelmed by the process. If your child has been taken into custody for a juvenile crime, our Grand Rapids lawyer is here to adeptly guide you through the justice system. We’ll help you prepare the necessary documents and understand what to do at the court appearances.

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