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At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, our goal is to make sure clients’ rights and futures are protected. No matter what type of life-changing event you are facing, we can help. Whether you are dealing with criminal charges, a divorce or serious injuries suffered in an accident, our attorneys will work aggressively on your behalf. Our team cares about your future.

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Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

If you are facing criminal charges, you need a team of skilled, dedicated attorneys on your side. If you are convicted, you could be looking at severe penalties, up to and including jail time. You could also face a future of limited job prospects, difficulty finding housing and loss of government benefits. We are here to help.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients, and we know how to navigate the complex legal system in Michigan. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, you can expect personalized attention and an innovative and compelling legal strategy tailored to your situation.

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Fierce Advocates In Family Law – In And Out Of Court

The issues involved in family law can be stressful and emotional. From divorce to custody, visitation, property division, spousal support and more, you have a lot to lose without the right lawyer. Our attorneys understand the gravity of the outcome and will use their knowledge and experience to protect your best interests.

While we are always ready to represent you in court, we recognize that is not always the best option. Domestic mediation can be used successfully in many family law disputes. Our founder, attorney Brandon Gardner, is certified to mediate any domestic relations case in Michigan, and our team has more than 10 years of experience in alternative dispute resolution.

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