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Know And Assert Your Rights As A Grandparent

More and more grandparents are raising children as if they were their own. For a variety of reasons, these situations often start as temporary arrangements, such as when a parent is deployed overseas or is incarcerated. Then, grandparents become more permanent parental figures.

Family solidarity for children’s sake can be a source of pride for grandparents, but sooner or later they realize that they need legal tools by which to care for grandchildren on a full-time basis.

In other cases, grandparents have difficulty gaining access to their grandchildren after their adult child, the parent, divorces and the ex-spouse has primary custody.

No matter what circumstances have brought you to this webpage seeking answers regarding your relationships with your grandchildren, rest assured that Brandon Gardner & Associates is a valuable resource for you.

Get Legal Advice About Your Grandparents’ Rights

A grandparent may have taken on a parental role through a variety of circumstances, including instability in the lives of their children who are the actual parents, because of:

  • Drug abuse
  • Mental health disturbances
  • Homelessness
  • Incarceration
  • New domestic relationships in one or both parents’ households that are not conducive to grandchildren’s well-being

Grandmothers and grandfathers may even want to take on parental roles for economic reasons to ensure that their grandchildren have access to the best public schools.

Regardless of the circumstances in your family, you as a grandparent may now need to know whether you have standing to intervene for your grandchild. You may also need legal authorization to enroll them in school, get medical care for them, and otherwise make decisions that a parent or guardian legally makes. If your grandchild’s parents agree, the solution may be as simple as establishing a guardianship. But when there is disagreement in the family as to how to proceed, legal action may become necessary.

Consult With Our Certified Domestic Mediator

Our founding lawyer, Brandon Gardner, is one of the few attorneys in Michigan with certification in domestic mediation. His skills in resolving family law disputes often benefit our clients and their grandchildren, as well as their children, who are the parents.

Conversely, if you are a parent who wishes to protect your child from a problematic grandparent, we can advise you, too.

To explore legal solutions for grandparent-grandchild relationships in your family, call 616-366-9045 or send an email message to request a free consultation.