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Contact A Family-Focused Michigan Adoption Attorney

The word “adoption” often has rose-colored connotations. People think of adoption as a happily ever after story in which a child without fit parents acquires a permanent love-filled home with a new parent or parents. However, adoption is not always a fairy tale and the restructuring of a family is not always simple.

You may be looking for a family law adoption lawyer for any of these reasons:

  • You are prospective adoptive parents who have been referred to a birth parent who believes they cannot care for an expected or newborn child and wish to find a suitable loving home for permanent placement of the baby.
  • You are a same-sex couple who seek a surrogacy agreement with adoption.
  • You are an infertile couple who seek to formalize a private adoption of an infant or child, possibly born of birth parents whom you know or were referred to.
  • You are a biological parent who does not want to surrender your parental rights, but an adoption agency or someone else is pressuring you to do so.

No matter what circumstances have brought you to seek information about adoption in Michigan, my law firm, Brandon Gardner & Associates in Grand Rapids, is one you can rely on for the advice and assistance that you need.

Here To Guide You In Securing Your Family’s Future

For parents seeking to adopt, I am here to guide you through all necessary steps, including getting birth parents’ rights terminated with justification.

For birth parents who do not want to consent to adoption, I am also available to advocate for you and your child, even in difficult circumstances. Perhaps you are not in a position at present to assume custody of your child, but you do not want your legal rights permanently severed. Guardianship by grandparents or another arrangement might be more suitable for you and your biological child, whom you love but cannot care for at this time. I have successfully prevented aggressive attempts to get clients’ parental rights terminated when they did not agree to have their children adopted by others. Let me help you to protect your parental rights and prevent the adoption of your child if that is your goal.

Get In Touch With An Adoption Law Firm In Grand Rapids

No matter where you are in the adoption picture, you likely realize that adoption is permanent. It is not like guardianship, which can be reversed. Only in very rare and extreme cases is adoption reversible. An adoption agency, no matter how assertive, does not have the power that a family court judge has to preserve or terminate a father’s rights or any parental rights. I resolve paternity disputes and represent clients and their biological or prospective adoptive children with legal precision as well as compassion.

I am here to help. To schedule a free consultation, call 616-366-9045 or send an email inquiry.