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Drug Crime Defense From A Drug Law Policymaker

Are you found with drugs in your possession? Were you pulled over driving high? Have you been caught selling drugs?

Attorney Brandon Gardner is an active participant of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, has contributed to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and has spent years analyzing drug laws. His in-depth knowledge of controlled substances regulations and his years of criminal defense experience make him uniquely capable of helping you with drug charges.

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Understanding Drug Crime Defense

Drug laws across the country are changing, and there are often discrepancies between drug laws in different states and between laws at the state and federal levels. Brandon Gardner & Associates provides comprehensive defense services to individuals facing drug charges.

The moment you suspect the prosecution will bring drug charges against you, you should call a defense attorney. A conviction may lead to serious consequences, including:

  • Mandatory prison sentences, with some sentences lasting greater than 20 years
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Loss of any and all property related to the crime, including your home or car
  • A life-long criminal record that potentially disqualifies you from social services

If your charge includes cross-state trafficking, manufacturing allegations, firearms or minor children, you may face additional penalties.

Grand Rapids’ Drug Law Resource

You cannot afford an inexperienced or ill-prepared lawyer. Our firm understands the law and criminal defense. We will examine all the evidence and help shine light on any doubt in your case. Contact our office today by completing our online contact form.

Cannabis Business Academy

Are you interested in joining the rapidly expanding cannabis industry? The law is complicated, but you can succeed. Learn about the industry, and how to successfully begin your cannabis business here in Michigan.  Attend a seminar with Brandon Gardner in Grand Rapids.