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If you've been charged with a drug crime, you could be facing harsh penalties. Because the state and the country have a "tough on drugs" stances, these offenses are not taken lightly, and Michigan imposes lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines on those found guilty. That's why it's imperative to contact a seasoned lawyer to fight your charges.

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, we have years of experience providing aggressive defense for the most complex cases. When you hire us, you will have an advocate on your side who knows what they're doing and is dedicated to protecting your rights. We know that what you're going through may be frightening and impacting your life. That's why we'll be with you throughout your case, helping you understand the process and informing you of your legal options. We're not a big firm, which means you will receive the personalized attention you need.

Do First Time Drug Offenders Go To Jail?

If you have been found guilty, appealing the conviction can be an alternative. Even though the court systems in Michigan penalize offenders harshly, those associated with the criminal justice system now lean more in favor of rehabilitation in criminal offenses including controlled substances and compounds.

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Is Possession of a Controlled Substance a Felony in Michigan?

Possession of a controlled substance can be a misdemeanor or felony charge in Michigan. The severity of these sentences depends on the type of substance, possession, and several other factors. In addition, all drug-related rulings in Michigan result in a required suspended driver's license unless the accused goes to prison.

Michigan law defines various conduct related to the use, possession, or sale of controlled substances as drug crimes.

Some drug offenses in this state include:

  • Manufacturing or creating controlled substances: Under the law, it is illegal for a person to make a drug or possess or deliver a controlled substance with such intent.
  • Delivering a controlled substance: If a person delivers a drug to a person who did not consent to the action, they could be charged with a crime.
  • Possessing a controlled substance: It is illegal to knowingly or intentionally have in one's possession a drug, analogue, or prescription medication for which one does not have a prescription.
  • Fraudulently getting a controlled substance from a doctor: If a person uses deception or fraud to obtain a controlled substance or prescription from a health care provider, they face criminal charges.
  • Using a controlled substance: Michigan law prohibits individuals from using controlled substances unless they have prescriptions for them.

What Are the Penalties for a Drug Crime?

In Michigan, controlled substances are categorized into 5 schedules:

  • Schedule 1 drugs are those that have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.
  • Schedule 2 have a high potential for abuse but have an accepted medical use.
  • Schedule 3 have a lower potential for abuse than Schedule 1 or 2 substances and have an accepted medical use.
  • Schedule 4 have a lower risk of abuse than Schedule 3 and have an accepted medical use.
  • Schedule 5 have a lower risk for abuse than Schedule 4 and have an accepted medical use.

The penalties you could face if you're convicted of a drug crime depend on the type and amount of substance. For instance, manufacturing a Schedule 1 or 2 narcotic drug in an amount of 1,000 grams or more is a felony that can result in up to life imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $1,000,000. Manufacturing a Schedule 5 drug is also a felony, but the conviction penalties are lower: up to 2 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $2,000.

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When you're facing conviction penalties as tough as those for a drug crime, you need aggressive defense. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, that is what our Grand Rapids lawyer will provide. We are committed to helping those facing a formidable prosecutor and will work relentlessly to protect your rights.

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