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Seek Compassionate, Skillful Counsel For Your Michigan Child Custody Case

As you are facing a divorce or separation, or if you are expecting a child from an out-of-wedlock relationship, nothing is more important to your family’s future than a custody solution in your child’s best interests.

What the law has to say, what works best for your family and what a judge ultimately decrees will all have an impact on your family dynamics and your child’s development. Ideally, your child’s interests and your parental rights should both receive full consideration as these critical issues approach resolution.

As you prepare to go through the legal processes of settling your child’s custody and parenting time arrangements, Brandon Gardner & Associates, in Grand Rapids, can be a powerful resource.

Resolution Of Your Custody Case If It Is In Dispute

Child custody refers to the legal and practical responsibility of caring for and making decisions regarding a child. A custody order determines where the child will live and how major decisions about their upbringing will be made, such as education, health care and religious upbringing. Legally speaking, your child’s custody case may be resolved as follows:

  • Joint physical custody
  • Joint legal custody
  • Sole physical or legal custody when there are compelling reasons for it

Legal custody establishes parents’ rights to make important decisions concerning the child. Changing child schools, making medical decisions about vaccinations and treatments such as braces, and determining where the child will live.

If you and your child’s other parent are not married to each other, we will advise you on ways to promote the custody arrangement you believe is best, even before a custody order is issued by the court. Typically, the mother is initially assumed to have custody, but a father, when proving his parentage, can petition the court to modify custody. If you are a father whose name was left off the birth certificate, we will help you take legal action to remedy that omission.

For either divorcing or unmarried parents, we will bring in expert testimony as needed to help you make the strongest case you can for the custody solution that you believe is best for your child. We help you discover and pursue the most appropriate legal pathways to that solution, such as mediation or a trial if necessary.

Request A Meeting With A Michigan Child Custody Lawyer

What sets us apart as Grand Rapids child custody lawyers? Our deep knowledge, fierce dedication and commitment to our clients’ vital family relationships. We hope to hear from you so that we can explain how we will help you put your best foot forward while seeking the custody arrangement that you believe is best for your child.

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