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A Certified Domestic Mediator Leads Our Mediation Team In Grand Rapids

When you are confronted with a family law dispute, going to court isn’t always the best option. Litigation is often reserved as a last resort for disputes that can’t be resolved by any other means. Many times, however, mediation can successfully resolve family law disputes between reasonably amicable parties, which can save time, money and heartache.

If you are looking for an alternative to litigation to resolve a legal dispute involving your family, Brandon Gardner & Associates, can help.

Our founder, attorney Brandon Gardner, is certified to mediate any domestic relations case in Michigan. Our legal team has more than 30 combined years of experience in alternative dispute resolution, which helps our clients reach resolutions without going to court. Our mediation services are also personalized to meet our clients’ unique needs and challenges. Time and again, we have seen how domestic mediation can help both parties in a divorce or custody dispute strive toward mutually agreeable outcomes.

For more information or to request a free initial consultation with our domestic medication lawyers in Grand Rapids, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brandon Gardner & Associates today.

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What Does Domestic Mediation Cover?

Domestic mediation can cover any family law dispute you may encounter, such as divorce, child custody, property division and related legal matters.

Some of these issues can dovetail into each other, as in the case of a divorce that would necessarily require resolutions for child custody, property division and other issues. Domestic mediation can also address any isolated family law matters that may arise.

How Does Domestic Mediation Work?

Domestic mediation works by having opposing parties to a dispute meet with a third-party mediator, who helps the parties come to an agreement. The mediator’s role is to facilitate discussions between parties without making decisions or offering legal advice that could favor either party.

Our founder at Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, is a certified mediator in Michigan. With his support and the support of our other domestic mediation lawyers in Grand Rapids, resolving your family law dispute outside of court is possible.

Is Domestic Mediation Successful?

A majority of family law disputes are resolved through domestic mediation, which means it can be successful for a lot of people.

That said, mediation doesn’t always work. In situations where it doesn’t succeed, one or both opposing parties may be unwilling to make necessary concessions to reach an agreement. Complicated family dynamics and estates can also increase the level of challenges faced in domestic mediation.

Turning to litigation as the first-and-only solution, however, is generally inadvisable. Consider reaching out to our certified domestic mediation lawyer in Grand Rapids to learn more about this process.

Contact A Certified Domestic Mediation Attorney At Brandon Gardner & Associates

When you need to resolve a family law dispute outside of court, choosing domestic mediation can be right for you. Keep in mind that our certified family mediator is one of the few in Michigan with the certification qualification. Your contested custody or divorce case is in trustworthy hands at our family law firm.

With more than 10 combined years of experience, our legal team at Brandon Gardner & Associates is uniquely qualified to help you reach an agreeable outcome at competitive rates. Learn more during a free initial consultation. Send an email or call us at 616-366-9045 for more information.