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A Grand Rapids Lawyer Standing Up For Your Father’s Rights

First, let it be said that at Brandon Gardner & Associates, I protect both mothers’ and fathers’ rights. However, my years of experience have informed me that fathers often need extra help.

At my firm, I put more than a decade of experience in family law to work helping unmarried and divorcing fathers understand their rights. I also fight to protect those rights on behalf of those fathers.

Legal Ways To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

Once his paternity is established, a father will normally have parental rights, including the right to request custody or parenting time, just as the mother does. The right to pass on his surname is not automatic, however. Normally, an unwed mother can make this decision. But when both parents agree, a new birth certificate with the father’s surname may be issued. This explanation is deliberately simplified here, and a father with concerns about his child’s surname or other issues should get legal advice.

When parents are not married, an unwed mother can refuse to include the father’s name on the birth certificate. To then assert his rights to legal parentage and possibly custody or parenting time, the father will need to pursue paternity determination, sign an affidavit, and possibly take the case to trial.

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, I realize that unusual life circumstances can lead a father to look for legal help to:

  • Resolve paternity cases
  • Resolve legal and physical custody and parenting time (visitation) disputes
  • Resolve questions of paternity when a married father – possibly preparing for a divorce – believes he is not the biological father
  • Address child support disputes

About these and other father’s rights issues, I will work aggressively on your behalf for the sake of your child and possibly your extended family, who may also want to play a role in your child’s life. I want to support your intentions to enjoy a rewarding parent-child relationship regardless of your marital status.

Turn To Brandon Gardner & Associates, For Parental Rights Issues

If your father’s rights are in dispute, work with me at Brandon Gardner & Associates, one of the few family law firms in Michigan with a certified domestic mediator on staff. I apply my mediation skills to help many Michigan fathers assert their rights as parents. I also help nonbiological fathers protect their interests in paternity fraud cases.

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