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Example of an Grand Rapid Alibi Defense Case

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Case Victory, Criminal Defense, False Accusations


Recently, our criminal defense firm accepted a case involving a college student charged with two crimes he did not commit. Instead, our client was the victim of fraud. Here’s what happened.

An individual impersonated our client by using his Facebook account to purchase electronics from someone on Facebook Marketplace. Instead of purchasing the item, however, this individual appeared at the meeting and stole the electronics. Predictably, our client was the primary suspect and got charged for these crimes that he did not commit. Getting charged with a crime is always a serious matter that can significantly disrupt anyone’s life – and false accusations are no exception. Our client was denied internships and otherwise had to put his education and future career on hold while the charges were pending.

In panic and disbelief, our client contacted our office, Brandon Gardner & Associates, PLC, for legal assistance. Our team of trained defense attorneys immediately went to work, conducting an independent investigation, gathering evidence, tracking down witnesses, writing statements, and formulating a timeline to show that our client is innocent. From compiling text messages to snap to work schedules to cellphone tower pings, our dedicated team of professionals worked tirelessly to gather substantial evidence to support our client’s innocence.

Simultaneously, our firm’s aggressive litigators got to work in the courtroom, presenting our client’s alibi and navigating court rules and procedures to successfully argue for a dismissal of all charges. This victory was a major relief for our client, who, thanks to our efforts, is now moving on with his life, education, and career. Through the hard work and decisive actions of our attorneys and legal team, we put the legal process to work for our client.


An alibi is a defense to a criminal charge alleging that the accused was somewhere other than at the scene of the crime at the time it occurred. An alibi in criminal law is not an affirmative defense. However, an alibi defense can make the difference between innocence and guilt. In this case, we proved that our client could not have committed the crime because he was somewhere else. As such, our client was able to walk away free.

We hope our client’s story will inspire others to face their criminal charges head-on and not hesitate to present their alibi defense. The innocent should never be punished for a crime they did not commit. Thus, if you have been wrongfully accused and charged for a crime you did not commit, contact our office online or at 616-366-9045 today.