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Does Your Family Conflict Require Legal Intervention?

If the police are called to your house, it is very likely that some form of domestic issue has come to light. Domestic abuse, child delinquency and other family issues can be brought before the court, especially if violence is involved. This is true regardless of whether you or your family member chooses to file a complaint. If the state believes an issue is serious, they will intervene. This can lead to lengthy and consequential legal issues.

At Brandon Gardner & Associates, our firm offers complete defense services for both juveniles and adults. If you or your child is charged with a crime after a domestic conflict, we can help you navigate the legal system and return to your family life. Call us today at 616-717-5656.

Providing Juvenile Defense Representation

As a youth, your brain is not fully developed and your judgment is not what it will be. This often is the reason children break laws. That does not make your child bad or mean that incarceration is in their best interest. At Brandon Gardner & Associates, we help families find solutions that help children grow. We can help examine the evidence, defend your child in court and ensure that their life is minimally impacted by the law.

Domestic Violence Allegations Can Change Lives

Domestic violence has serious implications for your life. If you are found guilty, a domestic violence conviction can lead to incarceration, curb your civil rights, and change the way your family and neighbors see you. It can also have serious legal implications if you undergo a divorce or custody dispute in the future, especially in Michigan family courts. Brandon Gardner & Associates has years of experience and is fierce in the courtroom. We can help with your criminal defense.

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