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In November of 2018, the recreational use of marijuana became legal in Michigan through the passage of a ballot proposal. Before that, the recreational use of marijuana was considered a misdemeanor. Once the ballot proposal passed, the state has worked to come up with a system of rules for usage and for the sale of cannabis. The state Marijuana Regulatory Agency is responsible for the issuance of licences for the sale of cannabis.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the MRA begins the process of accepting applications for marijuana sales November 1, 2019, and may be able to issue licenses soon thereafter. Under the new rules, licenses for recreational sales can be issued in three categories and will be subject to local approval. The first allows for event planners to organize marijuana-based events. The second is for events where marijuana can be sold and consumed. The third category is for social clubs, where consumers can congregate and use marijuana on site, but where no other products can be sold. The new rules promulgated by the MRA did not include asset requirements for new business owners. This move was seen as favorable to small operators who did not have the required level of assets under state law.

The website provides information on obtaining an adult-use marijuana application. The site provides an overview of the application process as well as steps to take for prequalification. A $6,000 non-refundable fee must be submitted with the license application. The applicant must provide information concerning his or her financial responsibility and a business plan, among other requirements.